Core principles





Almost all the senior leaders I work with acknowledge that the old linear/rational ways of thinking, which were central to previous success and progress, are no longer sufficient to navigate the challenges of the increasingly unpredictable and volatile environments we face.

New leadership models draw on a much wider range of human faculties – intuitive as well as rational, receptive as well as pro-active, emotional as well as analytical, imaginative as well as logical, symbolic as well as literal, and right and left brain.




The work of CORE PRESENCE facilitates awakening and transformation by enabling individuals and teams to unlock and optimize all dimensions of themselves – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to bring these to full expression, and to live into their deepest sense of purpose, potential and service.

The work is based on over thirty years of dedicated research and practice of creativity and ‘the zone’ of peak performance. Individuals and teams learn the disciplines and practices that embed, develop and maintain the highest levels of presence and performance.




Many people in multiple fields all over the world are writing about and/or thinking and acting from a new consciousness that loosens our fundamental feeling of separation, ‘me’ and ‘you’, ‘us’ and ‘them’.

This is a contemporary version of a deeper unitive consciousness – one that has been described in the timeless wisdom traditions for thousands of years. 

It is the birthing of a new culture which has as its core the experience of connectedness, community and service to the planetary whole. Its time has clearly come.