Gary Joplin

garyJFor Gary Joplin the body is a primary instrument in the process of human development and transformation. As a professional dancer, choreographer, director, yoga teacher, and Gyrokinesis® trainer, his 20-year practice embodies the core principles from many disciplines in order to allow a deeper fusion between body and spirit. 

Since 2008 he has been a student of and collaborator with spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl.

His work as a theatrical director and choreographer can currently be seen in Switzerland and Germany in Konzerttheater Bern, Theater Freiburg, Theater Heidelberg, and Theater im Marienbad.

Gary is a Magna cum Laude graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University.  He has performed as a soloist in dance companies in the US and in Europe, and has conducted workshops and seminars throughout Europe, US and India.

In his work for the stage and in workshops for dancers, teachers, and corporate leaders Gary opens a space of transcendence where individual and collective borders melt and dissolve.