Bringing higher levels of consciousness to individuals, teams and organisations

Mystical and poetic traditions of all cultures have always pointed to higher levels of consciousness available to us. They regard them as our true nature, and what we ordinarily call ‘reality’ as a diminished, and very partial perspective.


Sports practitioners in ‘the zone’ and performing artists often experience these expansions of consciousness, as do most people from time to time, usually randomly. Yet there is rarely a clear context in our secular culture for these experiences, beyond the high performance and pleasure they bring.


Contemporary spirituality, free from any of the dogma or belief systems of organised religion, enables direct experience of higher states, and provides the intellectual frameworks and practical disciplines that stabilise them into our daily lives.


They gradually free our perception from the strong magnetism of the five senses and form, and increasingly open access to much more subtle realms of underlying interconnectedness, fluidity, unity and aliveness. Ultimately, they free us from the prison of being self-interested takers, and bring us home to our core nature, and to our natural impulse to give and contribute.


In our leadership, this gives us access to deeper levels of insight, more refined attunement to emergent solutions and larger wholes, and greater connectedness to people, scenarios and genuine innovation as well as access to higher levels of intelligence and intuition, individual and collective, and the multi-level presence that characterises all genuine agents of transformation.


What would it be like to have leaders and teams with consistent access to these qualities in your organisation?


This cutting-edge programme takes place in a retreat setting over 3 days, with follow-up modules to suit.

Nicholas and his team have between them decades of experience of working with higher states of consciousness. Through an integrative, opening process of body, heart and mind, they make them uniquely accessible, relevant and sustainable. Their care and expertise will help you and your leaders understand and experience completely new possibilities and perspectives that at the same time are often felt as a profound relief, release and a ‘coming home’.


“The two days with Nicholas were some of the most remarkable days of my life in both my professional and personal development”

Dean, Webster University, USA


“The workshop with Nicholas was an amazing experience and has already changed the way I think and behave”

Director of Corporate Communications, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries