Clarity, Creativity, Connection

We are living in increasingly complex, uncertain and  volatile times. Overloaded by information and pressure, how can we find the inner space to think more clearly, be receptive to more creative possibilities and listen better to our colleagues and our environment?

Mindfulness and Attunement practices are proven ways of creating exactly the inner space we so urgently need. This is why so many schools, health services and businesses such as Intel, NASA, Google, General Mills and the World Bank are now running mindfulness programmes at scale.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple discipline of and commitment to paying attention – bringing our attention fully present to our inner and outer environment with an open and curious attitude. With practice, the discipline is implemented whatever you are doing at work, and enhanced by a short period of simple meditation every day outside the office.

This brings clearly measurable change to our brain function, harmonising the two hemispheres and lighting up underused neural pathways. The more this is practiced, the more the following benefits are achieved:

  • clearer thinking
  • access to calm and inner spaciousness
  • the ability to hold both detail and bigger picture
  • better decision making
  • more creative solutions
  • greatly enhanced listening skills and relational capacity
  • increased access to intuition


The word ‘practice’ is key. With simple commitment the results are remarkable. In the above-named businesses over 80% of participants report big improvements in their overall work effectiveness.


In the VUCA world, this work is no less than a game-changer. It enables individuals and teams to play on a much bigger game-board, with far higher energy levels, far more connectedness, innovative and insightful thinking, and with far less effort and stress.