Embodying purpose, vision and authenticity

With Nicholas Janni and Gary Joplin



Working with the body is a powerful gateway to deep connection with ourselves and the unfolding of our full potential as people and as leaders.


This is a special opportunity to work with two masters of their professions who combine their skills to create an intense and powerful learning space.


Nicholas has gained an international reputation over the past twelve years for his transformational leadership development and coaching work.

Movement master Gary works internationally using movement and ritual in a uniquely accessible way to bring people in many fields into a deep experience of connectedness, openness and clarity.


Through reflection, dialogue, somatic exercises and movement we explore the following topics:


  • Sensitising our bodies to awaken a strong connection to our essence
  • Aligning with our sense of purpose and contribution
  • Recognizing and cutting through the factors that pull us away from our purpose
  • Bringing greater clarity of mission and presence into our leadership
  • Creating safe and inspiring environments for those we lead
  • Awakening a multi-dimensional intelligence within our bodies
  • Using the unique intensity of ritual to align the physical, emotional, intellectual, and subtle bodies in a powerful fusion of intention and release