Transformational 1:1 Coaching


Works at a significantly deeper level than normal executive coaching.

We become present to your immediate issues and to your goals and  aspirations, while tapping into the deeper field of your higher potential and your purpose.

We enquire into whatever core issues lie beneath your concerns. You will find insight into what prevents you from moving forward or from reaching what you seek to achieve. And you will begin to align more with the creative intelligence that is waiting to unfold in you.

Transformational Coaching can radically alter your experience of life as you learn to explore aspects of yourself that were previously less accessible, integrate buried emotions, come home to your body, and as you become more aligned with the whole field of your higher potential and purpose.


Topics that might bring you to Coaching include:

  • Deepening your presence
  • Times of transition
  • Emotional connectedness
  • Lostness
  • Alignment and calling
  • Relational challenges
  • Developing political intelligence
  • Mindfulness/meditation guidance


“Nicholas commands great presence. He is a profound and sensitive thinker who understands the issue confronting people and whose coaching skills bring out the best in his clients”     

Terry Hayday,  former head, Lloyd’s Market Academy, London


Coaching is available face to face in UK or Israel, and by Zoom online.